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Home Improvement Tips

Fresh coat of paint …..

Applying a fresh coat of paint does wonders to brighten up both inside and outside of your home.  Many real estate agents highly recommend a new coat of paint when preparing to sell a home.  There are many different paint products and applications available today so be sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction label and safety warnings on the paint can.  One issue in particular is “prepping” the surface.  It must be clean and free of any dirt, dust, grime, oil etc.  Providing a clean surface for […]

Removing sliding wood windows….

Here’s a tip for removing wooden windows (horizontal slide).  The windows had frame channels on the bottom that rests on wooden rails (in the middle), while the top had trims on the outside to keep them aligned properly.  Needless to say the fit was tight and would not allow for a “lift and tilt” removal.  I decided to cut the rail in half diagonally.  Using a flat bar I lifted both rail and window off the frame.  Prior to reinstallation, I used a cheap candle wax (white) […]

Jalousie windows…..

My rental house has a lot of jalousie windows which is good for natural cooling throughout the house. But not so good when it comes to repairs or replacements.  You can find many of these parts at your local hardware store or online.  What I had to deal with mostly was broken levers!  It seems like the weak point was the lever handle/attachment.  Since I was new to this type of fixing, I decided to take off a bracket (lever side) and have a local screen/window shop replace the […]

Adjusting Door Hinges to fit ….

  When replacing door hinges, you may see spacers being used to help for a good fit. These spacers are important and should not be discarded unless unusable.  I’ve seen a number of them being used while doing renovation work on my rental home.  Some were old and fell apart when I removed the old hinges.  At first I thought it was a waste of time to keep or replace them.  Then I learned why it was used.  Without the spacers the door hinge sat too deep (door, door frame […]

How To Plan Out Your Home Improvement Projects

Getting a home improvement project done is something you may have to deal with from time to time. If you are wondering what you must do to plan out your home improvement project, then this article can help you to do that. Read along carefully and you will be able to get your project done quickly and properly. Mentally prepare for the home improvement project that you’re going to be doing. This is going to take you some time, and you are going to need to be […]