Remodeling a bathroom for Under $500 | DIY | How To | Modern Builds | EP. 67

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Today on Modern Builds I'm renovating / updating my old, ugly, small bathroom; all for under $500! This was my first remodel – type project and I'm really happy with how it came out. I was pretty heavily influenced by the modern, contemporary farmhouse style of Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper.

LED Mirror Video:

Sinks and Faucets:
Cabinet Handles:
Cabinet Hinges:
Shelf Brackets:
Shower S-Pipe:
Shower Head:
Shower Rod:
Shower Curtain:
Shower Hooks:
Bathroom Accessory Set:
Minwax Provincial Stain:
Danish Oil:
Liquid Nails:
Pine 1×6's (For Wall and Shelfs)
Countertops: (Discontinued From Ikea)

Written article:
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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery



  • EvanAndKatelyn

    I’m super impressed you were able to film so well in this little bathroom! hahaha so many flashbacks to DIY plumbing projects when we first bought our house

    • EvanAndKatelyn

      Haha, our 1st DIY was replacing a run of leaky pipe w/ PEX and it took about 6 hrs, so we feel ya! We went into it feeling all adult-y and homeowner-y, and by the end of the night we were eating goldfish on the kitchen floor wondering if we could spend the night at Evan’s parent’s house because we didn’t have running water anymore >_<

    • Pat beall

      Modern Builds. u do u content is content

    • BronkBuilt

      Agreed! I’m going to redo our master closet really soon and I’m dreading the filming ins that space.

    • EvanAndKatelyn

      BronkBuilt ah yeah, that would be a tough space to film! at least filming can capture small spaces a teeeeeny bit better than just photos!

  • The Cutting Bored

    Definitely enjoyed the video – I dig it when you break out – the Egg vid, the Comb project, the Greenhouse build – all great projects and there’s no reason to pigeonhole yourself into just furniture. You’re just a maker in my opinion, which should stem to anything you want to tackle. That’s at least how I approach making my own stuff.

    Cheers Mike

  • Edward Ornelas

    Are you into real estate? You have a good eye for creative remodeling, I bet you could make a killing flipping old houses!

    • Taylor

      I disagree. I think IDEALLY, as a homebuyer, you want a renovation from the previous owners to be of good quality and long-lasting but that’s just not going to happen all the time, especially if the previous owner was a flipper. The mindset of a flipper is to renovate as quickly as possible as fast as possible. Sure, the renovation will not last long but they’re not the ones who will be living there and unfortunately, the future homeowners can’t sue just because there’s paint chipping.

    • Ronald McCullough

      My realtor got me into a couple nice flips here in Hawaii. Hawaii is hard to lose when it comes to real estate. I flipped 2 and rented out the third with rent covering mortgage. She’s with Locations Hawaii. Christina Davis. 8083413653. She’s a killer!

    • serpserpserp

      no, flipping houses is about good looking but shoddy cheap workmanship. It is about spending as little as you can to extract maximum profit so you can go out and buy all the quality finishing and have the time to spend on YOUR dream home!

    • Robert Craven

      Modern Builds I can help you get started if you like

    • Infinite Wisdom

      Flipping happens at the end of market booms where an investor goes in and pays cash, puts as little into it as possible and resells it. I worked in the mortgage industry for years. Be careful because the industry has caught on to this nightmare. The home has to be purchased for well below market and has to season for a year for the buyer to get a new mortgage. Currently most people are renting these homes out instead of reselling them. And as an investor, you have a whole new issue in front of you. Do you then want to have the headache of being a landlord?

  • djAnakin

    I sure hope you leveled that countertop rather than just matching it to the ceiling.

  • Jakhi Matthews

    I’m SHOOK ! beautiful outcome

  • Wyatt Teague

    Hey Mike! Your channel is professional, engaging and creative. Could you do a video of all your tools?

  • Raven To

    Me while trying to put my arm under the sink:
    Omg but what if there’s spiders. Ewwwww why is it wet. Omg, omg I just touched something.

  • Beauty with Lizbeth

    When I buy my first home, you’re remodeling/decorating/renovating it all for me!

  • adriana g

    Alfie deyes????

  • Paola Lo

    Is beautiful!! You’re a genius. I would love to see if you can make a kitchen back splash . I want to see this project. Let me know if you think it would be a good idea 😊

  • LovHope Compassion

    it took you three months to do this bathroom and 10 yrs of experience….easy

  • Nancy Jacobs

    Ok the under $500 was a lie. You had leftover this repurposed that. But that aside, you had great ideas and the finished bathroom looks fabulous. You should make more remodel videos.

    • Taylor

      If you’re doing a makeover on the cheap, you have to rely on what you already have. You can’t just buy everything all new, including tools and renovate a bathroom from top to bottom for $500.

    • serpserpserp

      He did say remodel, not gut and remake from scratch. If you are going to replace tiles/grout/flooring be prepared to spend ages do it yourself really well or paying someone else to do it.

    • imnumber142

      yeah leftover wood from the same exact video you’re watching… What’s your problem lol

  • Ciara Mathern

    Love to see a kitchen remodel!

  • loudi lovely

    Hi ✋
    I want to ask you, why you use wood in the bathroom?? The wood can’t stay with water for a long time especially in the hot contrys is there any other solutions? ? Thank you ❤

  • doggiesarus

    It is good to remind people of places like Habitat Re-store. I always go their first whenever looking for materials for home renovation. Stockpiling materials for the future is also a great idea. If you know you will be doing something “in a year” then you have plenty of time to get great deals.

  • Matthew Winne

    Looks awesome. How well will the wood hold up to steam from the shower?


    From Cambodia
    I really like ur design. It looks very good

  • Bad Mom


  • jennifer virgen

    i need to get your help. i am disable and trying to fix my Apartment. my owner don’t care as long as it doesn’t cost him any think.

  • Courtney Janeiro

    This came out great! Inspiration as I want to remodel my master bathroom, but not break the bank doing so. I love the minimalist rustic/modern design.

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