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Remodel your bathroom easily and quick!

Today on Modern Builds, we're building a simple, mid-century inspired platform style bed with A LOT of under-bed storage. If you plan on building this project, be sure to check out the written article for more information.

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Written article:
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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery



  • ozzie

    always so exciting seeing new videoss

  • Kyle Tenor

    Really love the look of this mike! I love your style, really looks great

  • Mendo Kuse

    Great build. How about a computer desk and chair for a future project vid?

  • The Cutting Bored

    Sweet build!

    That mask is cool too and seems super useful for any project in a confined space. when can we get a simple shop tour from you?

    • MintyBadger 99

      Modern Builds great build

    • MyFoot

      The mask are amazing, i own one for projects. super great. Bought one for my parents that are bright colors so they are easy to find, super nice and very comfortable.

    • The Cutting Bored

      Had no idea you were in a new shop! I think you mentioned before the barn door vid that you had moved but I couldn’t tell if that meant a new shop space, etc or just a new apartment or whatever. Well awesome – looking forward to the tour and as always, love the vids you put out!

    • The Cutting Bored

      I think I’m sold on it – going to get one today!

    • Quinn Richards

      Here are some great woodworking plans if you’re interested: HootWood. com

  • ZehcnasEsined

    yesss I love this design

  • JL Unboxed

    Hey Mike! Another awesome video and tutorial! I am doing a diy series as well on my channel and actually had hard time shooting in the garage so i might have to borrow some of ur angles 😜.

    But here is my question! Do you make those items and sell them? I do woodworking as well so i get the tons of people saying “you should build and post for sale” but we all know how cheap everyone is on buy and sell sites so its hardly worth my time and effort. How do you keep the price of your work up to get what YOU are worth as people dont realize how many hours and effort goes into building a beautiful piece?

    • Modern Builds


      I don’t sell many of my pieces anymore, but it did a while back. The biggest help is to use facebook and instagram to promote your products. I didn’t do the build and sale method, I did custom pieces.

    • JL Unboxed

      Modern Builds thanks for the reply. I guess in that way you get more customers that are seeking something specific and would be more willing to pay what its worth. Makes sense

    • Bryce Mayall

      JL Unboxed I make platform bed frames for a living, and while most of my customers are local, I ship bed frames too. There are plenty of people out there who appreciate and desire quality construction (I’m not insulting the bed frame in this video, but it is fairly cheaply made–but it also wouldn’t be as expensive as mine), and are willing to pay for it. A lot of people only want things that are cheap, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is like that. I’ve made around 250 bed frames in the 6 years I’ve been doing this and business is only getting better. If your product is very good and you treat people right, you’ll do fine. I hardly even advertise.

    • JL Unboxed

      Bryce Mayall maybe ill give it a go and try to sell a piece, i would love to transfer or to do woodworking and youtube full time – i do not enjoy my current day job lol so this would deff be a dream of mine!

    • Bryce Mayall

      I do all of my online sales through Etsy. I charge $300 to package/ship one of my bed frames (no headboard/etc., just the frame) on top of the cost of the frame itself, but people pay that and more. The massive output of the garbage furniture factories means the market is flooded with junk but it also means that there’s a market for quality too. It helps enormously that my bed frame design is unique and bulletproof. Most people come to me because they’re tired of the cheapness of most of what’s out there and want something that won’t break, so if you can come up with a way to beat the current paradigm of “how can we maximize profit by building something that’s just barely strong enough to last a couple of years?”, you have a good chance of doing well, assuming you’ve got the skills, though you learn those as you go.

      Aside from the high cost of all the tools and machinery to get into woodworking, I’ll add that, like almost every business, you’ll struggle for a while before things take off. I was in the “feast or famine” cycle for a few years and that’s smoothed out to steady business for only about the past 2 1/2 years. Also, even if you love woodworking, you’ll love it less if you HAVE to do it to pay the bills. But it’s a better job than many, and more rewarding. I’ve thought about doing the YouTube thing but I don’t know anything about video and I don’t have the time. But I really admire the people who build stuff and make good videos about it on here. It’s easy to make videos, but it’s vastly more difficult to make really good ones.

  • Wabi Sab - E

    Im now designing a queen bed which will have concrete legs, I think it will be neat!

  • Razzman

    The only thing that every really bothers me about the videos like this, the whole point of the saws at home depot is for transportation cuts. We are told we are allowed to be up to a quarter inch off either side of your requested size. They are not project cuts. Plus, depending on the cut, it can be a safety hazard to cut under 12″ on either side (board can fall down into the saw and break it, a chunk flies off into the dust collector). If somebody came into the store I worked in and ask me to cut something like this, 80% of the people who can cut wood at my store would tell them no, or make sure to charge you for the cuts. (Anything over 2 cuts is 50 cents a cut, it builds up fast). Just let this be a disclaimer to anybody who goes to home depot and ask to get something like this cut.

    • Modern Builds

      Glad I don’t live near your store.

    • Stephen LaCasse

      I work at Lowes and we rarely charge for our cuts. Usually the only people we charge are contractors who come in and want us to cut 50 different boards to their needs.

  • Mark Johnson

    Isn’t plywood 96″ x 48″ ???

  • Paxton Smith

    Mike, would it be just as easy to upholster the headboard with human skin?

  • Mikhandmaker

    Great Job!

  • Joseph Arning

    And I’m too lazy to even make my bed lol

  • biladitanya

    Love it. The way you tackled the drawer is a great touch. Simple yet brilliant.

  • Robert Browne

    This is a copy of April Wilkerson and her bed design.

    • Modern Builds

      This doesn’t look anything like her bed design. Only thing similar is that they both have storage…. even the storage design is different

  • Husky Boy

    you need to be clean shaven and have no gaps for any half face filter mask to work properly, otherwise you need a fullface respirator.

  • Olivia Wassmer

    Hey Mike, I was checking for a tall, vertical (one-door) closet/wardrobe to build, but there are not much nice videos around. Do you plan creating something like that soon?

  • Shaun Dodds

    Mike, I would really appreciate it if your measurements were in the metric system. Not everyone is stuck in the dark ages.
    Thanks bud.

    • Kyle Woodall

      Shaun Dodds How about you just educate yourself as I’ve been told by many people in the past or just do the conversions yourself, bud.

    • mpreyesmr

      If you’re interested here are some great woodworking plans you could use:

  • Tim Roach

    What kind of boots are you wearing?


    Mike, we would love to see a video on DIY murphy bed. Please consider it for yiur future project.

  • Isai Roman

    @modernbuilds I love your channel. I’m going to attempt to do this platform bed. I just had one question, the 8″ slats that were cut from one of the plywood sheets, are they used for the sliding drawers?

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