DIY Concrete Pendant Light | Modern Builds | EP. 43

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Today I'm going to build a large, hanging, concrete pendant light using a single 80 pound bag of quikrete. This project is heavy so if you plan to build it, be sure to be careful and safe.

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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery



  • HomeMadeModern

    awesome! really like this one!

  • LuEightySix

    A bad idea, when you have little kids walking around the house…

  • Alexander Ekroth

    Creative idea…
    But I’m really worried if people start to build this as described in the video. There are some serious flaws in the construction of the build that might actually be dangerous to people if they are unlucky.
    It only takes one air bubble in the wrong place for it to start cracking and break over time due to the stress on the hooks.

    Pointers if you are going to build this:
    – Use rebars/ rebar skeleton inside the concrete (Concrete is actually very brittle and really easy to break if not reinforced).
    – Make sure that the hooks are rated for at least 2x the weight (never be at the minimum limit, it only take one drunk friend…).
    – Make sure that the walls where the hooks is installed is thick enough to have a good amount of material left after drilling the hole to keep the wall not to break.
    – Install hooks in wet concrete, or if drilling…use chemical anchors that are designed for this and is tested to handle the weight.
    – Make really, really…really sure that the hook you hang it from in the ceiling can handle the weight.
    – Make sure that the wires is correctly crimped (if making your own as in the video) and that they can handle the weight.

  • Letícia Fiedler

    amazing!!! ;))))))))

  • Борщ TV

    very big lamp! for big house)

  • Denis Amplifire

    Good job, mate. But i would oil that forms and use a light cement mix with fiber. Cheers!

  • Ruth Williamson

    Love my nephew. He is awesome!!!!!WOW

  • Fletcher Hurst

    An RC death trap.  Might as well put some candles around the top.  Good luck.

  • Erdem ünlü

    first of all it looks good but… You have a heavy lamp stuck to your ceiling over your head; if anything goes wrong you may have a big headache that I wouldnt take a chance. you can make the lamp lighter if you use styrofoam and coat it with cement.

  • sorlino89

    right, can i buy it?

  • Boštjan Hozjan

    one or two steel rebar voud be safer if concrete cracks or break.

  • يوميات بنوته عراقيه


  • kaushik desai

    Working with concrete gets messy at times.. any alternatives to that??? suggestions please 🙂

  • james williams-khan

    looks great but would be good if you show it with att lights off so we see how much lught it comes out with

  • Jack Duncan

    thats was awesome. but would an easyer way to do it. get a giant block of styrofoam and roughly carve out the mold and then line it with that wood stuff. i dont no if it would be as good but i think it would be easyer. mabey u should try it

  • Mike Baranov

    one thing i see people use is a vibrating toothbrush to get the bubbles out

  • djAnakin

    You could very easily save yourself a step and instead of cutting across your ring, just drill a hole and start your cute there. Saves you from having to fix teh ring.

  • bitsorbytes

    Few things…. thats a heavy but cool looking light. I kind of feel you should have used an aerated concrete mix that would have massively reduced the weight!

    Plus some rebar if things so south while up in the air.

    Lastly, a bit of spray oil from the kitchen is your friend in helping those moulds pop in the end!

  • Simon Woodward

    This is an awesome project man, love it! But I’d be super worried about the weight on that epoxy, it’s not really made for it. I’d e using some kind of expanding anchor like a dynabolt. Check those hooks regularely

    • Blute72

      I would be more worried about an expanding bolt blowing out the thin section of concrete. Chemical anchors are preferable in this situation.

  • Javier Cruz

    Muy bonito el proyecto, con muchas ganas de hacerlo. Sin embrago, considero que es mucho el riesgo, por el peso. Considero muy probable hacerlo, pero con materiales más livianos, como el unicel (Styrofoam) y cubrirlo con algún material que simule el concreto. Felicidades y gracias por compartir.

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