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Jalousie windows…..

My rental house has a lot of jalousie windows which is good for natural cooling throughout the house. But not so good when it comes to repairs or replacements.  You can find many of these parts at your local hardware store or online.  What I had to deal with mostly was broken levers!  It seems like the weak point was the lever handle/attachment.  Since I was new to this type of fixing, I decided to take off a bracket (lever side) and have a local screen/window shop replace the […]

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Cleaning Stubborn Grout Haze

Cleaning grout “haze” off your floor tile is a chore.  Sometimes the recommended cleaners or home remedies may not do the trick.  I tried a number of cleaners to remove the haze but none worked.  My wife suggested using “Scrubbing Bubbles” Bathroom Cleaner (as a last resort) when she saw me reaching for my finishing sander.  I didn’t think it would work, but it did!  Hope this helps.

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